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Donna Fielding
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By Gary P. Rose

Donna Fielding was born in 1959 in Manchester. She joined Hot Gossip, at the age of 19, when it started and before they appeared on television. She left for a short period but later rejoined the group and performed with them on television in "The Kenny Everett Show" and in the film "The Meaning of Life". In addition, she made many television commercials. The most reticent member of Hot Gossip, Donna prefers to keep her personal life private.


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Donna Fielding dancing to the Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman with Hot Gossip on the Kenny Everett Video show Season 1 Episode 5 31.07.1978 on the ITV. 

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That's great, we can use it for her biography thumbnail.

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Donna was 19 when she joined HG. The group had already been together before the 'original' Kenny Everett line up. None of the original girls made it on to the show, with the exception of Lavinia, who danced in the first show before being replaced.
Donna was a great dancer and possibly the most well remembered.

80s Dancer

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Donna's biography has now been amended. Any information on Donna or other members of HG is most welcome.



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Thanks for those corrections. I'll make sure Gary knows and he'll update it as soon as he can.