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panspeoplevideo: Compilation

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Download video.

Compiled by PansPeopleVideo


panfan's picture

Thank you for providing that Katy!

Can someone save me some time and list the routines in it!  Thanks!

Suefan's picture

In order you have:

You Make Me Feel Brand New

Machine Gun

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Star On A TV Show

Disco Stomp

The Hustle 

panfan's picture

Thanks Suefan, a great time saver for me!

mojo2007's picture

Is the panspeoplevideo site still in use ?

panfan's picture

No, panspeoplevideo is defunct, but a lot of the stuff was saved.

I have at least the first of the performances, but maybe others can help?

panfan's picture

I checked - the other performances are 'officially' wiped!

Gary H's picture

Log in to the Popscene website, click 'TOTP chat', then click on 'TOTP not in circulation' for the 70s. There are 6 pages, go to the last (the earliest) for 1974/75 editions & you'll find the remaining performances (Machine Gun to The Hustle) existing mainly in PVL (Private video libraries). There are also some from 1973 - one featuring Kenny Everett as host & one held by the BFI (which includes Roxy Music's Street Life). Obviously these come with a few PP performances. When we will actually get to see them ourselves is anyone's guess as the BBC are currently digitising their entire archive, which director of archive Roly Keating admits could take decades! I'm quite happy to join a petition to politely ask him to 'get a move on' regarding TOTP, particularly a belated commercial outlet for our girls!

Gary H

Lee and Mary Fan's picture

Hi Gary,

Thanks for that, I love your idea of telling Roly Keating to Get a move on!!, that made me smile.

panfan's picture

I was thinking if any of us won that £150 million on the lottery the other day, that would be a good use of it.

Surely a few million could go towards employing an army of digitisers for the Beeb !

panfan's picture

Thanks Gary! Well you have me on board for any attempts to push the Beeb on this!

How exactly do these things end up in the PVLs? Rescued from wiping? Copied before wiping? Stolen?! Are these ones then really 'missing' as opposed to officially wiped, or are the PVL versions copies made before the wiping?

If they are in PVLs only, then they'll escape digitising...

I have to have a look at Popscene: it's certainly a wealth of information!

panfan's picture

Does anyone have any info on panspeoplevideo? Are they contactable under another guise, or have they just vanished?

I presume they must have owned or had access to a good PVL.

Shame that I was so busy the last few years that I missed much of their output. How many 'lost' routines did they post? How many were rescued before the account closed?

Was it closed voluntarily (if so, I wonder why), or if it was a victim of YT?

Gary H's picture

Popscene drew most of their 'not in circulation' list from the Private Video Library website which, I should imagine, have since been approached by the BBC, BFI & the folks at Kaleidoscope. If you open their file on music, their catalogue simply offers a broadcasting date to the make of video recorded on at the time. As you call tell from Popscene's TOTP editions pages it's quite soul-destroying to find so many episodes wiped. It just amazes me that the BBC now find themselves grovelling all over the syndicated world to have what they've lost back. I think it's worth keeping a close eye on their prioritised hunt for old episodes of Dr Who as they may find stumble upon some TOTP instead. Let's hope they do!

Gary H

panfan's picture

Gary, is the PVL website a single entity, i mean a single holder of all these lost shows, or an umbrella site documenting all the lost episodes its been notified of?

I recall stories of lost Dr Who episodes found in places like South Africa, oe on VT tapes hidden above ceiling panels in BBC offices.

Let's hope similar finding can be made of TOTP episodes!

Gary H's picture

It says the website is designed and hosted by web union ltd. Appear to be keen on selling their 8,000 tapes as one lot, which points directly to the British Film Institute & Kaleidoscope becoming involved. There's a ten minute excerpt of director of BBC archive Keating's speech posted on YouTube last month. Rather significantly he does mention that they don't actually know where everything is. I just hope (like we all do) that many editions have been misplaced & the term 'missing presumed wiped' was merely a ruse to defuse curiosity in BBC property (which has obviously backfired!).

Gary H