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Patti Hammond - Biography

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Patti Hammond, nee Patricia Whittle
Date of Birth: 
29th June 1950
Place of Birth: 
Hong Kong
Ruby Flipper, Legs & Co
First TV appearance: 
06 May 1976 (Can't Help Falling In Love / The Stylistics)
Last TV appearance: 


By Gary P. Rose

Patricia Whittle was born on 29th June 1950 in Hong Kong. Her father is English and was a sergeant in the British Army and her mother is Chinese. The family came to England in 1953 and Patti started performing shortly after their arrival. She was sent to acrobatic school and then started ballet classes when she was five years old. She loved attending classes and wanted to become a ballerina. She was accepted into the Royal Ballet School at the age of 9 and was dancing with the Festival Ballet Company when she was 17. She spent the next few years working as a ballet dancer, performing in all the classics, but felt that she'd achieved all she was going to achieve in the ballet world so she quit and transferred to modern dancing. During her dancing engagements, she did some modelling, including a photo session with Lord Snowden. She joined the Dougie Squires Dancers and worked on television shows with Rolf Harris and other artists. Like many other dancers, she had long spells out of work and was looking for a fresh new challenge when she saw an ad. in The Stage that Flick Colby was looking for new dancers. Patti applied for the job, went along to the audition, met Flick and was finally told she'd got the job. Although Ruby Flippers career was short-lived, Patti was invited to join the new six-piece dance troupe Legs & Co. She stayed with the group throughout it's run on "Top of the Pops" and also performed with them when they did cabaret. She is married to a sound technician and has a grown-up son.

© G.P.Rose 2011


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hi there can you possibly confirm where  you heard that pattis daughter was called amy from and does patti have any more children ,many thanks

JEZ's picture

sorry i have just learned patti does have some more children but i dont know their names sorry about that cheers

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I remember reading a few years ago that she has MS




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ive noticed that you have updated the info on patti and that she only has a son and no daughter ,so thank you to whoever has passed this new info on ,these kind of things need to be right about a persons life especially when it has been included in a biography ,so thanks for changing the info 

Gary's picture

I agree that biographies should be accurate. I wrote the biography and was given false information but have since recified it. I'm sorry to have offended anyone but I can assure you it was unintentional. Should mistakes occur in the future, they will be recified with immediate effect.

Thank you     

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See you found the info I posted

This is the end Goodbye no place to go

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Hi Andy, someone messaged the site with some details.  My apologies if you were overlooked as the source.

Please feel free to contribute if you wish and we'll ensure you're not left out!

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Patti - Freeman's catalogue 1981.



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Hi Glenn

This is a lovely piccie of Patti. :)

It's nice the dancers got extra exposure outside of TOTP, as well as within the show, as they always made a very positive impact on viewers with their superb dance routines, not forgetting the excellent choreography from Flick Colby who helped them achieve their brilliance. :)


Gary's picture

for providing information about Patti's early life and her heritage.

It's greatly appreciated.

Thank you